Frequently Asked Questions about Personal Training

Where can I do Personal Training?
I can provide a training programme in an environment that would suit you whether this is in your home, your garden, a park or other open space, in a local gym or, if practicable, at your place of work.

My home is quite small, will there be space to train?
You will not need a vast amount of space as long as there’s enough room for an exercise mat, that will be sufficient. About 6 square feet should do! Alternatively, we can train outdoors, in a gym, at your work etc. The world is our oyster.

Do I have to be fit to do Personal Training?
No. Whilst many sportsmen and women and keep fit enthusiasts use a Personal Trainer, many clients do so because they wish to become fit and healthier.  Also as I am qualified in exercise for different health conditions I can help your rehabilitation and return to health and fitness eg. heart disease, cancer.

How often should I train with you?
This will depend on your fitness and exercise history, what your goals are and how much you are motivated to train by yourself. To begin with it is usually beneficial to have more than one session a week as this will produce results quickly and will boost your confidence and give you great motivation to carry on.

Why should I spend money on a Personal Trainer when I can join a gym and exercise by myself or in group classes?
Of course you can train alone or in a class. But I believe that my main purpose is to motivate you and develop a customised training programme with you that correspond to your goals. I can advise if your posture or technique is not correct. The more you train and your body adapts to this I can help to progress your training programme so that you get the full benefits of each session.

Can I train with a friend or partner?
Yes. Training with someone else can be highly motivating and a lot of fun. It’s also an ideal way to share the cost of personal training sessions between you.

How is my progress measured?
At the outset, I will carry out a full health and fitness assessment which will include such measurements as body weight, body fat, BMI, circumference measurements, blood pressure, resting heart rate, postural analysis and flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength. These measurements will be monitored regularly at set stages throughout the course of your training programme in order to measure your progress.

How soon will I see results?
You will start to feel better, both mentally and physically, after the first 2 or 3 weeks. You will usually begin to tone and/or burn fat relatively quickly. The exact rate of improvement will vary from client to client as this is dependent upon your starting level of fitness, weight, gender, metabolism and the type of training programme you prefer.

What equipment and clothing do I need?
I will provide all the necessary equipment for your workouts. If you already have fitness equipment that you would specifically like to use, I can incorporate that into your sessions. You will need to provide yourself with good quality trainers and sensible clothing such as jogging bottoms and t-shirt. You should also have a bottle of water to keep yourself hydrated and I also recommend that you bring a towel. If you wish to buy equipment to use at home between training sessions then I can advise on what type and where best to purchase it from.

What sort of exercises will I be doing?
Everyone’s programme is different. Your individual programme will be determined by you and I following your consultation and will be based upon your goals, interests, health history and physical abilities.

Are you a qualified professional Personal Trainer?
Yes. I am a qualified and registered REPs Level 3 Personal Trainer as well as a qualified and registered REPs Gym Instructor. I am also a qualified and registered REPs Indoor Precision Cycling Instructor.