Personal Training

Do you want to get fitter, lose weight, tone your muscles, become healthier, improve your diet, boost your self-esteem and confidence, change your lifestyle or just plain have some fun through activity or exercise?

Are you young, old, male, female, inactive, active, fat or thin?

Are you fed up with paying gym fees or for dieting fads without getting any benefit?

Are you training for a charity walk/run, marathon, sporting event?

Have you got a long term health problem such as heart/respiratory disease, cancer or diabetes?

Would you prefer the choice to exercise in your home, at your work, outdoors or in a gym?

If so, training with Trevor will help you achieve your health and fitness goals and hopefully enjoy the experience along the way!

For a free, no obligation consultation complete the online form now or Tel 07812 440321. Making this first step in your desire for change is probably the hardest one – so do it now before you change your mind.

Prices vary depending on days and times, please contact me to find out how much it would cost.